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Johnny Cash

 My first memory of Johnny Cash is a concert at Orlando's Eddie Graham Sports Stadium. It must have been the early seventies, because I was very young and if it had been '68 or '69 I would have been too young to remember it at all. My parents took me to the concert, along with my maternal grandparents. All I remembered from that concert is that the place was called a stadium and that I saw the man in black throwing harmonicas to the crowd. But Dad had a couple of Johhny Cash records, which made it into my hands when I was about 12 years old and I listened to them over and over in my room. Later, as I grew into my teen years, then college, my musical tastes shifted to rock and roll and punk. Since then I've acquired a love of Duke Ellington, Sinatra, classical music, and most recently Hank Williams. But when Cash started getting a little publicity again in the 90's, I remembered how much I loved his music and have been listening to it ever since. He was a legend, a great talent, a good, sincere Christian man and champion of the common man. The world will definitely be a sadder place without Johnny Cash.

   My uncle Bob has a better Cash story. About ten years ago he stopped for gas. A big tour bus stopped to gas up across from him. As the driver pumped the gas, Cash got out and extended his hand to my uncle saying, " Hello. I'm Johnny Cash. What's your name ? " My uncle shook his hand. About that time June Carter Cash poked her head out of the bus and yelled something to the effect of, " Cash, get your butt back on this bus! "

by Charles W Crouch, Jr., Lenoir City, TN September 13, 2003 at 1:24 PM