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Cutthroat Shamrock

CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK played a great show at the Great Smoky Mountain Brewery

in Gatlinburg Wednesday, 10/13/04.

They also played on 10/30/04 at the Preservation Pub in Market Square, downtown Knoxville.

(Pics are below.)

" With a pint in me hand and a jig in me step... "

They also now have a 6-song CD available for purchase, as well as t-shirts & work shirts.

Please support them by buying a few hundred copies and making some friends. ( OK, I'm not quite Emeril, so I'll just ask that you buy yourself a copy and play it for some of your friends. )


Cutthroat Shamrock played a great show at Party Hut

in Gatlinburg ( at stoplight #3  ) Wednesday,

August 03, 2004.

We only caught the last few songs at the Preservation Pub show, as the band played earlier than anticipated, but had a nice talk with Derek after the set & hung out with the guys & their friends the next night at the Fox & Parrott to celebrate Derek's wedding.

Congratulations & many years of happiness to Derek & Careesa.


Last May, Elizabeth and I took my nephew to Gatlinburg for the last few hours of this year's Highland Games. It turned out to be a really cool day.

First we got to check out the various performers, vendors etc., at the games. ( My favourite was a group called Clann An Drumma .) Then we were invited to hear a couple of local musicians play at the Fox & Parrot Tavern in Gatlinburg's arts & crafts community. Having been there before, and having been intrigued by the offer of  some ' good Irish drinking

music, ' we headed over there after the games for what would become a great afternoon/evening of drinking, hanging out, and listening to two very talented guys ( in my nephew's words. ' not just good, they rock !' ) play some excellent tunes. Thanks, by the way, to Jonathan, the ' highland soldier ' who kept the pints ( and for the younger members of the audience, the yoohoos & diet cokes ) coming. A great time was had by all. We at say that this is what good local music is all about, and we strongly suggest that you check out Cutthroat Shamrock & obtain a copy of their demo CD.

Here's some old pics of Ben & ' Rotten ' I found on the site of another band they are (were ? ) in called Very Disorderly. Hopefully I'll soon have the info on how to get a copy of their Cutthroat Shamrock demo cd.