Knoxville area DKM supporters

This page is to honor those who are serving on a ' far away coast ' on behalf of all of us Americans.

  In a couple of weeks one of my co-workers, a marine, will be joining them there.

I think I'm going to send a copy of " Do or Die " with him as a token of gratitude to him & his brothers ( & sisters ) in arms for all that they do for us ordinary Americans.

May God bless them & bring as many of them as possible back home safely.


Update 09/29/04:

I haven't heard from the marine co-worker, Rick Gonyea, since I terminated my employment with ClientLogic, but not long before I left he emailed his co-workers, saying that he was alive & well, but may not be able to check his email for a while. I don't know if he was still in the US at the time or if he had already shipped out to Iraq.