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Preservation Pub 09/09/05 opening for the Avett Brothers
We only got 1 pic from this show, as the set was rather short. While the Avett Brothers are billed as " post-civil war punk, " they sounded like standard bluegrass to me. They are good musicians, but I don't like bluegrass
vocals and they sounded pretty standard there, too. In my own ( rather biased ) opinion,
they should have been the opening act
with Cutthroat as the headliner. We had a good time as always, but left fairly early into the Avett Brothers' first set.

Barley's show 08/03/2005

The Barley's show was excellent, as was the Rogue Shakespeare Stout.


Cutthroat at the Brewery in Gatlinburg, 07/20/2005.

06/15/2005 The Brewery


06/30/2005 The Preservation Pub



This year's Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Highland Games marked the one year anniversary of our  meeting ( and hearing for the first time ) Cutthroat Shamrock. Over the year that has passed, we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, Derek ( Rotten ) and Careesa got married, and the band grew in both size and popularity, adding a 3rd drummer and playing an increasing number of shows. As on that day a year ago, we had a great time listening and hanging out with the band and their friends and significant others.

Highland Games pics:

Clann An Drumma rules the games again with their Celtic tribal music.

Cutthroat at the Fox and Parrott ( acoustic set on Saturday night 05/21/05 ) pics:

Cutthroat Shamrock and the Kissers played an awesome show at the Preservation Pub on May 7, 2005.

( We only saw the Kissers first set, but as always they were great and played enough Pogues tunes to keep me happy. )

We only got a few pics this time, so here they are:

Cutthroat Shamrock

and The Kissers:

I don't know this guy's name, but he's easily the loudest Cutthroat fan.



Cutthroat show at the Downtown Grill and Brewery on 04/09/2005.


" Billy Badass " Ryan takes the show out to the street.

Elizabeth has a " State Street Stout " with me.

Saint Patrick's Day 2005
with Cutthroat Shamrock
at the Preservation Pub in Knoxville's Market Square

Ben is the leprechaun.

Guido is not bored.

Derek is the leprechaun.

Guido on bass.

Ben bleeds for his fans.

Meself enjoying the show.

Elizabeth, having a great time as well.

Latest Cutthroat Shamrock pics.

These are from the Preservation Pub show with the Kissers on 01/30/05.

First Cutthroat Shamrock...

And then came The Kissers...

CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK ( see pic below ) played at the Great Smoky Mountain Brewery

in Gatlinburg Wednesday 12/15/04, and again Wednesday 12/22/04, and again Wednesday 12/29/04.

The show we were at on 12/22/04 was excellent, as always.

If you like good time Celtic drinking type music, these are your boys !!! 

According to their new official site, CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK

has the following shows coming up:

Sun January 30th 8:30 pm
the preservation pub
market sq. knoxville tn
opening for: The Kissers
bad ass band come out and get drunk with us. we will only play for an hour so dont be late!

Wed Feb 9th 9:30pm
the brewery
gatlinburg tn

Wed Feb 16th 9:30 pm
the brewery
gatlinburg tn

Fri Feb 18th
time to be announced
the triple C dance barn
sevierville tn

Saint Patrick's Day
Thursday March 17th
the preservation pub
$2 @the door 9PM