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Want something done right? Do it yourself.

Save money by roasting your own coffee !!!

Here is the cheapest ( if a little primitive ) method.

You could also buy a fancy roaster and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

What you will need:

1 small cast iron saucepot.

1 wooden spoon.

1 metal colander or sieve.

At least half a pound of green coffee beans.

( I suggest 100% Kona. I get mine here: Heavenly Hawaiian farms.   ) I have also used Ethiopian and Kenyan beans from The Coffee Project, and would also recommend them.

( There are several sources of green beans in both individual and wholesale quantities on the internet, these just happen to be the ones I have used. Search " green coffee beans. ")

Basically, you just heat the pan over medium to medium-high heat and stir pretty much constantly for about half an hour, listening and watching as you go.
You should hear " first crack " as the beans begin to release oil and some chaff. Then after a bit longer you should hear
 " second crack " as more of the chaff starts to be released and the beans become darker brown and appear slightly oily and smoke a bit more.
This would be the time to dump the beans into a colander or sieve to cool, unless you are going for a French or Italian roast or espresso roast. After they cool, dump them into a sealable glass jar. Leave it open overnight, then seal it. At this point you can begin grinding the beans and brewing coffee with them.